Tulip Glasses for Stylish Beer Drinking


Cunning design and curvy lines make the tulip glass a hit with many beer drinkers, whether their favorite drink is a Belgian ale, an American IPA or an Irish stout. The convex bowl in the lower half of the glass helps to focus the beer’s aroma below the ‘waistline’, while the flare at the top helps to maintain a good head. Tulip glass stems can be short or long depending on the individual design, but there is no mistaking the distinctive shape of the body.

By serving beers with higher carbonation levels such as many bottled, specialty beers, the bubbles are also held better with in the bulbous tulip glass base. As you drink the beer, those bubbles titillate your tongue rather than escaping directly into the atmosphere. The rounded base and the stem below lets drinkers cup their hands underneath the beer to transfer warmth and better activate the beer’s aroma.

Tulip Glasses to Tempt Anyone

Ready to sniff the volatiles and sample the great taste of your favorite aromatic ale? The tulip beer glass choices below will help you pick the size and shape that best suits you. So let’s get started!

Type of GlassSizePrice RangeOnline RatingBuy from Amazon
Spiegelau Beer Classics Tulip
15.5 Oz.$$4.3

Libbey Belgian Tulip Glass
16 Oz.$$4.7

Libbey Craft Brews Tulip
14.75 Oz.$$4.8

Anchor Hocking Belgian Tulip
13 Oz.$$4

History Company Teku Tulip
10 Oz.$$$4.5

British Style Tulip Pint
19.25 Oz$4

Libbey Super Thistle
21 Oz.$$4.4


Spiegelau Beer Classics

Smell, taste, looks – Spiegelau wants you to have the full beer-drinking experience. With a 15 ounce capacity on a short stem, this glass is admirably suited to 12 ounce bottles of beer, allowing for a full head. Its construction is sound yet delicate. The thin, rim-polished glass benefits from a unique platinum finishing process for a brilliant shine to let you admire the full luster of the beer it contains.Spiegelau-Beer-Classics-Tulip

Libbey Belgian

Belgian monastery beers like Duvel, Chimay and La Trappe are all at home in this 16-ounce glass. The Libbey Belgian has the attractive classical tulip shape, while also being robust. The slightly larger capacity leaves more room to develop the aroma. Shut your eyes, sniff and taste to get the most out the whole sensory experience.









Libbey Craft Brews

This Libbey 16.25 ounce glass is a great match for Lambic and fruit beers for which Belgian breweries are renowned. In Flanders and Wallonia, they’ve been making great beer for centuries. Over the years, they have discovered brewing secrets that make some of their beers the most original and the best tasting in the world. This glass will now let you savor those secrets.Libbey-Craft-Brews-Tulip-Glass

Anchor Hocking Belgian

Designed for controlled aeration to optimize smell and taste, these Anchor Hocking drinking vessels are also made out of hand blown glass. That makes each glass unique from the subtle differences in the feel to the small air bubbles that can sometimes be seen in the glass itself. Aromatic beers with substantial head go well with the Anchor Hocking Belgian beer glass.









History Company TeKu

Go truly European – drink your Belgian ale in this beer glass designed by Italians and engineered by Germans. Beer expertise has gone into this glass at every stage, from its conception to its production. Not only does this glass look good with its curves and longer stem, but also the innovative design means that it is a favorite among both beer experts and beer lovers all over.History-Company-Teku-Tulip-Glass

British Style Tulip Pint

In Britain, a pint is a full 20 fluid ounces, compared to the standard 16 of North America. The official crown pint marking etched into this rugged tulip pint glass symbolizes the proud beer drinking tradition that Brits now share with other beer fans around the world. Its construction is designed to keep a good head on your beer through constant nucleation of air bubbles from the bottom of the glass.









Libbey Super Thistle (21 oz.)

From the land of kilts, haggis and the Loch Ness monster comes the thistle-shaped glass for thirst-quenching Scotch ale. The Libbey Super Thistle glasses are hand-blown and their lower bowl and upper truncated cone are just right for trapping aromas and supporting large heads of foam. That means they also suit English brown ales and similar beers.


Libbey Super Thistle (15 oz.)

This is the smaller brother to the 21 ounce Libbey Super Thistle glass above. It has the same proportions and is made with the same craftsmanship and care. Lighter and more maneuverable, you can use it for 12 ounce bottled beers to increase the depth of the beer head and reduce its surface area, thus trapping even more of the precious aromas in the beer beneath.


Tulip beer glasses are the portal to proven craftsmanship, innovation and highly enjoyable beer drinking for beer lovers all over. With their elegance and curves, proven over the centuries yet still open to new development, tulip glasses set off aromatic, frothing beers to perfection. Choose between bigger or smaller capacities and classic curves or eye-catching conical shaping, then enjoy your favorite beer.

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