The 7 Best Beer Glass Set Collections from Libbey

Beer without proper glassware is a wasted opportunity. It’s like buying a sports car that you only drive in the right hand lane, or dating a supermodel and only holding hands. For most beer drinkers, glassware is nothing more than the gadget that keeps your lager from spilling everywhere, as freed liquids are wont to do. But for the true beer aficionado, the right glass is the catalyst that turns guzzling to savoring, and good moments to great ones. Don’t believe us? Keep reading—we’ll prove it.

There’s a glass for every beer, and choosing the right one is all that stands between your drinking beer and your enjoying beer. If you still need a little guidance, the chart below should point you in the right direction.
You’re welcome.

Type of GlassSizeQty.Price RangeOnline RatingBuy from Amazon
Libbey Craft Brew Sampler
Libbey Craft Brew Sampler
14.75 - 23 Oz.6$4.6

Libbey International Beer Glass Set
16 - 19 Oz.12$4.4

Libbey Giant Pub Pilsner Glasses Set
22.5 Oz.6$4.5

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set
15 - 19 Oz.4$4.7

Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight Clear Pilsner Glass Set
6 Oz.5$4.4

Libbey Craft Brews Clear Porter Stout Glass Set
14.75 Oz.4$4.7

Libbey Brewmaster Beer Mug Set
15 Oz.6$4.5


The Sampler – We’ll start with a broad collection of glasses, such as the Libbey Craft Brew 6-Piece, a set about as well-balanced as those fully-stocked breakfasts in 90’s cereal commercials. Besides the standard pints, you have your pilsner, for maintaining the carbonation of lighter ales; your Belgian, for maintaining temperature; your Craft Pub for getting the most out of the beer’s aroma; and the familiar Porter, for encouraging the best color from those darker stouts. With this set, no matter what you bring home, there will be something to put it in.


Libbey Craft Brew Sampler



The International – The Sampler a little too small? Jump straight into the party size collection with the Libbey International 12-piece Set. Whether you’re drinking pilsner or lager, these glasses say quality, they say style, and they say “Put down the bottle, Barry, and drink your beer like a gentleman for God’s sake.” Four English, four Czech, and four Bavarian glasses come with this collection, essentially making it the World Cup of glassware, sans vuvuzelas.


Libbey International Beer Glass Set


The Giants – Fine, we get it, you’re a “big beer drinker” and the samplers just don’t provide the volume you need. Well, settle down, Jumbo, and check out the Libbey Giant Pub glass set. Six 22.5 ounce, heavyweight glasses just waiting for your choice of lager. Some may say that size doesn’t matter, but we know differently. Drink up, big fella.


Libbey Giant Pub 22.5 Ounces Pilsner Beer Glasses Set of 6

The Craft Brew Sampler – Okay, we went big with the Giants, let’s bring the game back down to earth for a moment. This is the sampler for the beer drinker with diverse tastes, who needs a diverse selection of glassware. The 4-piece Libbey Craft Brew Sampler delivers the pints and pilsners, but also includes the stein mug—the most satisfying glass on the planet to plunk down on a poker table after a long draught of a fiery amber lager. Forget entertaining friends… this set is for you.


Libbey's Craft Brew Sampler


The Beer Flight – You know what makes a long flight better? Beer. Know what improves it even more? Leaving out the plane part. A beer flight is a potential journey around the world using only your mouth and the swallowing mechanism you’ve been honing since college. The Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight delivers four 6-ounce glasses on a wooden carrier, allowing you four 6-ounce chances to find that beer of your dreams.

Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight Pilsner Glass Set

The Porter Stout – You know why most men hate drinking out of glasses with stems? Because we’re afraid we’ll accidentally extend a pinky and someone will see it. But when you see the Libbey Craft Brew Porter Stout set, all fears of pinky extensions fly out the window because all you can think about is how amazing those darker stouts are going to taste in that glass. A thick stem maintains the cool temperature of the beer, the shape of the glass catapults the aroma from the top, and all that’s left for you to do is hold her tight and take her home.


Libbey Craft Brews Porter Stout Glass Set


The Mugs – No glassware collection is complete without several quality mugs. Mugs just make beer better. It’s science. You get a better view of the color, they’re easily chilled, and buried in our DNA is the unquenchable urge to laugh loudly and toast boldly with a frothy mug of ale. Drop an amber into one of the Libbey Brewmaster 16-ounce mugs (from the 6-piece set) and you, my friend, have just given birth to a mouth party. Mazel Tov.

Libbey Brewmaster 15-Ounce Beer Mug 6-Piece Set

This may seem like a lot of choices from the Libbey Glass Collection, but that’s a good thing. Think back to that string of significant others you left broken and crying in college… or maybe they left you crying, we don’t judge. If each had been identical, you’d have settled on day one. It’s the differences that made them worth pursuing, and what made each pursuit so unique. Beers are no different. Each brings something special to the pub table, but not if you drop every single one into the exact same glass. We all know that Guinness and other stouts belong in a Tulip Pint, for example, but try that move on a pale ale and you’ll get yourself slapped. Do your research, figure out what they like, and you might just find yourself a drinking partner for life.

Here’s the best part of the whole deal. Mistakes will be made. Occasionally, the wrong beer will go in the wrong glass and that jerk with the mustache will scoff at you. But first, who still “scoffs” these days? And second, every mistake is an opportunity to try again, and each try means another beer, and maybe it’s just us, but we have a hard time seeing how that’s not a win-win situation.

So drink up, friends, from a multitude of glasses. After all, practice makes perfect.

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