Duvel Glass Collection and the Art of Beer Drinking

Duvel Beer Glass Banner

‘A real devil’ – that’s how one enthusiastic fan described Duvel beer. That may have been on account of its elevated alcohol content (8.5% alcohol by volume). Not content with this rating, Duvel started producing a version in 2007 with a 9.5% ABV rating, using three hop varieties instead of the usual two. This has since become an annual product, one of the several innovative beer drinking ideas the Duvel Moortgat Brewery has up its sleeve, like the Duvel glass collection.

Hey, That Looks Just Like Me

For one of its beers, Vedett lager, Duvel customers are offered the possibility to have their photo on labels of the bottles coming out of the brewery. So as a Vedett drinker, you might run into yourself the next time you order your favorite tipple in your customary bar. On the other hand, if you prefer the Duvel Tripel Hop (3 hop) beer, then it’s not the label that changes – it’s the third hop. The first version of this heady beer used the American Citra hop; with later offerings using the Japanese Sorachi Ace, then the Mosaic hop.

Trendy Tulip Glasses

However, perhaps the most obvious example worldwide of Duvel beer marketing is the brewery’s partnerships with artists and designers to have original art decorate its range of Duvel tulip glasses. Duvel already recommends its own glass for its beer, served at 6° C (that’s 42.8° F). And once you’ve seen the range of designs available, you’ll understand how attractive that recommendation can become.

Duvel Signature Collection By Artist Eley Kishimoto

Duvel signed up Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto, founders of Eley Kishimoto, a British fashion and design company founded in 1992, for this collector’s Duvel glass. With the aim of simply making the world look better, the firm creates designs with clear vision and obvious flair. Fashion is the way that Eley Kishimoto communicates with an audience drawn from many different sectors. Showcasing an Eley Kishimoto print design, this Duvel glass reflects the eclectic personality of the company, known for innovating in other areas such as architecture and technology too.


Duvel Eley Kishimoto Tulip Glasssee price

Duvel Graffiti Beer Glass

Street art meets Duvel, thanks to a design by Belgium’s own Denis Meyers. Denis applies his talents almost everywhere. You can see his work on a Brussels street corner or in the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Fine Art Museum). As a young boy, his art heroes were people like Hergé (the creator of TinTin). Denis’ designs on a Duvel tulip glass is part of a natural progression. The intricate graphic designs that Denis created for the Duvel Collection glass are a combination of artistic intuition and technical precision. These two themes run through the rest of his work as well and make him and Duvel true soul-mates.


Duvel Graffiti Denis Meyers Tulip Glasssee price

Duvel Denis Meyers Collection Limited Edition

Denis and Duvel again, this time with a different design. But still one that is unmistakably in the Denis Meyer style. This model shows his passion for printing and typography, which are also fundamental parts of his other graphic art work. He uses these aspects to mix and repeat colors and motifs that he often extracts from his urban surroundings. In a sense, he is documenting cities and the people who live in them, in his own inimitable and unique way.


Duvel Denis Meyers Tulip Glass Limited Edition Collection see price

Duvel Beer Glass Stefan Glerum

Duvel is Flemish Belgian, Flemish being a language that is very closely related to Dutch. So it’s not surprising that the brewery also sought a contribution from Stefan Glerum, a graphic designer and comic artist working in Amsterdam. Stefan’s style combines Art Deco and Bauhaus influences with his own contemporary take on the world. That makes it a good fit for Duvel whose brewery business started some 150 years ago, and is now influencing the world of beer in more ways than one.


Duvel Stefan Glerum Tulip Glasssee price

Duvel Collection by Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze, another prominent Belgian artist, has also contributed an original design to the ‘Duvel Collection’. A change from the giant public wooden constructions he is known for otherwise, this delicate abstract design offsets the golden radiance of Duvel beer perfectly. It also fulfils another of Arne’s goals in art, which is to provoke dialog and bring people together. ‘No art without reaction’ could be Arne’s motto. With this Duvel glass and the quality of Duvel beer, it looks like beer-drinking barriers will come down easily and give way to good times shared by all.


Duvel Tulip Glass Arne Quinzesee price

Art for Beer Drinkers and Art of Beer Drinking

Each special edition glass in the Duvel glass collection also benefits from the same carefully executed glass manufacturing. The tulip style with its convex lower part and flared rim is designed to promote the aroma and head of Duvel beer. A gothic ‘D’ for Duvel etched into the bottom of the glass aids carbonation for a perfect head too. Now beer drinkers get the best of both worlds – a great beer when the glass is full and a work of art to admire afterwards.

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