Choosing The Right Beer Mug For Your Buck


Beer of course, but root beer floats, coffee, smoothies – is there anything you can’t serve in those chunky made-for-a-hearty-party beer mugs? Dating back somewhere around the end of the Second World War, the first beer mugs with their dimpled design were instantly recognizable. With a handle and often a convex or conical shape to keep the top tucked away from chips and nicks, you can grab them, knock them together and generally have a good time without worrying (too much) about breakage.

Beer mugs are not stackable, so they take a little extra space compared to other glasses. But at ease in your kitchen, out in the yard with the barbecue, or just comfortably installed in front of the flat-screen, who cares? Between sips of your English bitter, American dark lager or German dunkel bock, you can hold your beer mug up (that handle is so handy) and admire the effect of rays of light reflected and re-reflected in your beer a thousand different ways.

Beer Mugs to Bring Cheer to any Beer Drinker

There’s no shortage of choice in great beer mugs available on the market. Your choice will depend on beer mug capacity, design, and material, but you’ll be all set for a great, convivial beer drinking experience with any from the list below.

Type of GlassSizePrice RangeOnline RatingBuy from Amazon
Anchor Hocking Mug
20 Oz.$$3.8

Libbey Heidelberg Mug
16 Oz.$4.7

Wyndham House Mug
16.9 Oz.$$3.4

Prodyne Forever Clear Mug
18 Oz.$4

Libbey Brewmaster Mug
15 Oz.$4.5

Stolzle One Liter Dimpled Mug
35 Oz. (1L)$$4.6

Decodyne Freezer Mug
16 Oz.$$4.3

Libbey Dimple Mug
19.25 Oz.$$3.9

Libbey Craft Brews Mug
22 Oz.$$4.7

Clarus Tritan Large Beer Mug
20 Oz.$$$$$4.7

Anchor Hocking

You can have German Oktoberfest in your own home with these glasses. They have panel-cut sides with a tall cylindrical form to capture afternoon sunlight or evening firelight. Anchor Hocking beer mugs typify the versatility of this kind of glass and suit many different kinds of beer. With their dishwasher-safe construction and 20-ounce capacity, they’ll also easily take the contents of most bottles of beer too.


Libbey Heidelberg

Fancy a cold beer – an ice cold beer? Libbey Heidelberg thick glass beer mugs are sturdy enough forfrosting in the freezer. With 10 facets and a 16 ounce capacity, they lovingly insulate your Doppelbock or Schwarzbier. Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re in Germany with the cool breeze and snow caps of the Alps. Prost!


Wyndham House

This 17 ounce (16.9 to be exact) beer mug not only goes into the freezer for frosting, but carries its own freezer capability with it, thanks to water-filled polypropylene construction. That means hot summer days can be handled without ice-cubes, and your beer stays pure and undiluted by any extra water, just like it should.


Prodyne Forever Clear

Beer mugs are already sturdy by nature, but the polycarbonate construction of the Prodyne Forever Clear makes them break-proof. But with a 34 ounce capacity, you wouldn’t want to drop it and spill all the good beverage it holds either. They’re made to be stable as well with a wide base, so they’re just the thing for those outdoor picnics and quenching thirst without spills or mishaps.prodyne-forever-clear-polycarbonate-mug

Libbey Brewmaster

Rugged construction and resistance to boiling heat and freezing cold make the Libbey Brewmasters favorites to many drinkers. Does that mean those drinkers boil their beer? Not at all – but many appreciate the tough 15 ounce beauty of these glasses for drinking coffee and hot chocolate, as well as pale lagers, dark lager or Weizenbocks.libbey-brewmaster-mug

Stolzle One Liter Dimpled Glass

One liter is 34 – 35 ounces, so with these Munich-heritage beer steins, you won’t have to keep going back for a refill. The dimpled design and the robustness both come right out of a Southern Germany beer festival, where only the strong (beer glasses) survive. With a long, cool draft of Märzen beer in one of these, you’ll bring Teutonic tradition right back home.stolzle-one-liter-dimpled-mug

Decodyne Beer Freezer

No prizes for guessing what these solidly built, double-walled 16 ounce acrylic mugs are designed to do. Available in blue, red and clear designs encapsulating non-toxic, re-freezable crystals, hand washing is recommended to keep them in tip-top shape. Get together with friends and you could perhaps buy enough of them to make the Star-Spangled Banner.


Libbey Dimple

The beer stein design of this mug with its 19+ (19.25) ounce capacity gives it the edge over any pint-sized contender. Solidglass sports enough dimples for a dozen delicious German barmaids, making them decorative as well as functional.


Libbey Craft Brews

Libbey Craft Brews ups the ante with a capacity of 22 ounces. Destined for lagers of any kind including dark American and German ones, they also (of course) handle a 22 ounce bomber bottle for those bigger thirsts. Made with clear glass and dishwasher safe, they stand as tall as traditional beer steins at 8 inches high.


US Acrylic Clarus Titan

Pool party, anybody? With a 20 ounce capacity and practically unbreakable acrylic, users find these beer mugs robust enough for indoors, outdoors, dishwasher and microwave. Quality raw materials prevent the clouding that affects certain other glass-substitute products and also make them a good choice where breakage should be avoided.US-Acrylic-Clarus-Tritan-LargeWhether your preference is for traditional glass, practical acrylic, panel sides or dimples, one of the glasses above is surely for you. The inherent durability of beer mugs means they often stand up to both indoor and outdoor use with equal stoicism, not to mention lengthy stays in the cooler (meaning your refrigerator, not the local jail!)

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