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The 7 Best Beer Glass Set Collections from Libbey

Beer without proper glassware is a wasted opportunity. It’s like buying a sports car that you only drive in the right hand lane, or dating a supermodel and only holding hands. For most beer drinkers, glassware is

Duvel Glass Collection and the Art of Beer Drinking

‘A real devil’ – that’s how one enthusiastic fan described Duvel beer. That may have been on account of its elevated alcohol content (8.5% alcohol by volume). Not content with this rating, Duvel started producing a version

Beer Steins – History You Can Hold in Your Hands

What do stoneware, hinged lids and the Black Plague all have to do with beer steins? They have all contributed in a major way to the steins, functional, collectible or both, that you can see and use

Pint Glasses, Brits and Yanks – Your Handy Beer Glass Guide

“Mine’s a pint!” Or is it? Depending on whether you’re in York or New York, or Jersey or New Jersey, you might end up with more or less beverage than you expected. Here’s the problem. When British

Beer Goblets – A Blast From The Past

A wide mouth, a sculptured body and an invitation to lose yourself in an overpowering experience – Are we talking about getting physical here? Yes indeed, when it comes to drinking great beer out of a majestic