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Pint Glasses, Brits and Yanks – Your Handy Beer Glass Guide

“Mine’s a pint!” Or is it? Depending on whether you’re in York or New York, or Jersey or New Jersey, you might end up with more or less beverage than you expected. Here’s the problem. When British

Beer Goblets – A Blast From The Past

A wide mouth, a sculptured body and an invitation to lose yourself in an overpowering experience – Are we talking about getting physical here? Yes indeed, when it comes to drinking great beer out of a majestic

Snifter Glasses And The Barrel-Aged Beer Experience

You might think it contained fine VSOP cognac, the way some people delicately sip from their snifter glass. But it’s beer – and not just any beer. Snifter glasses are the beer connoisseur’s choice for sampling high

11 Styles of Pilsner Glasses For Serious Beer Drinkers

German culture has brought many great things to the rest of the world. Music, literature, poetry and art are just some examples. German super models are another! Pilsner glasses with their long, cool elegance combine long-standing tradition with sexy

Tulip Glasses for Stylish Beer Drinking

Cunning design and curvy lines make the tulip glass a hit with many beer drinkers, whether their favorite drink is a Belgian ale, an American IPA or an Irish stout. The convex bowl in the lower half of