11 Styles of Pilsner Glasses For Serious Beer Drinkers


German culture has brought many great things to the rest of the world. Music, literature, poetry and art are just some examples. German super models are another! Pilsner glasses with their long, cool elegance combine long-standing tradition with sexy good looks. And it gets even better when you fill up your pilsner glass with an excellent pilsner beer. The tall slender form gives you time to watch every single bubble as it ascends to joins its comrades as they maintain a thick head on top.

Crisply finished, translucent straw or gold hued pilsner beers with their pronounced carbonation are naturally enough what the pilsner glass was made for. But there are excellent variations on that theme too. Lighter American and Czech lagers are at home in these glasses, often stronger and more durable than their delicate good looks suggest. While the guiding principle for the shape is to make the base narrower and the top of the glass (a little) broader, different Pilsner glasses may be straight-walled, straight-walled with a conical lower section and cylindrical upper, or slightly curved in an S-shape – at which point they begin to cross over into the Weizen beer glass category.

Pick the Pilsner Beer Glass of Your Dreams

As usual, we have compiled a well-varied selection of pilsner glasses for you to look into.

Type of GlassSizePrice RangeOnline RatingBuy from Amazon
Libbey Giant Pub Pilsner Glass
22.5 Oz.$4.5

Libbey Midtown Pilsner Glass
16 Oz.$4.7

Waterford Marquis Pilsner Glass
20 Oz.$$4.1

Style Setter Soho Pilsner Glass
14.4 Oz.$4.8

Libbey Stockholm Pilsner Glass
14 Oz.$3.1

Libbey Craft Brews Pilsner Glass
15.5 Oz.$4.6

Spiegelau Classics Tall Pilsner Glass
11.5 Oz.$$4.6

Luigi Bormioli Allegro Glass
17 Oz.$$3

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Pilsner Glass
13.9 Oz.$$4.4

Circleware Quench Pilsner Glass
12 Oz.$3

Home Essentials Giant Pilsner Glass
53 Oz.$5

Libbey Giant Pub

No half-measures here! With a generous 22.5 ounce capacity, this clear glass with its flared rim takes almost two standard bottles of pilsner or lager beer, while allowing for an attractive head on top. For balance and good handling (all the more important after you’ve had a beer!), the solid base makes the glass stable, but still leaves a slender shape to admire.










Libbey 16 Oz. Midtown

A great compromise between capacity and maneuverability, these 16 ounce glasses accept a full standard bottle or can of lager beer while allowing for an inch or so of froth. Use them for after office-hours get-togethers or to celebrate the weekend with a few good friends.


Waterford Marquis

More subtle visual pleasures await you here with a choice of clear or amber-tinted glass for these 20 ounce classics from Ireland’s premier crystal manufacturer, Waterford. The pilsner shape is declined in a graceful, slender bowl that narrows down to a footed base. Standing tall at 9.25 inches each, they’re also great for a lager with leprechauns or other affable acquaintances.











Style Setter Soho

The Style Setter Soho brings urbane elegance to pilsner beer. Its innovative styling and 14.4 ounce capacity brings out the best in those golden bubbles, while leaving room for a good head too. And whether that’s Soho in London, or Soho in New York, you can be just as cool as your beer with these glasses. Style-Setter-Soho-Pilsner-Glass

Libbey Stockholm

Scandinavia is home to some of the best lager beers in the world as well. Conjure up the Swedish experience with the Libbey Stockholm glass and its smooth lip, angled top and stable base. The robust glass means they’ll go through the dishwasher without a hitch, letting you say “Skol” for many an enjoyable beer-drinking time to come.












Libbey Craft Brews

Don’t interfere with a pilsner beer! These Libbey Craft Brews glasses get it right with their no-nonsense tall conical shape, made out of rugged yet elegant glass from top to toe. Light craft beers of all kinds will look and taste good in these 15.5 ounce capacity glasses with their cool fluted form that encourages continuous aeration at the right rate.


Spiegelau Classics Tall

Shine on and on and on – Spiegelau Classics with their platinum finish, laser-cut and polished rims and innovative angled lower portion are made to be partners in light to your favorite golden pilsners, lagers and light beers. With an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, capacity is 11.5 ounces yet height is almost 9 inches.











Luigi Bormioli Allegro

Aroma and taste, but also sound and vision, the Luigi Bormioli Allegro doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to satisfying the different senses. Made to enhance the olfactory qualities of each beer you pour into it, this glass not only looks good, but also sounds good. Wet your finger and run it gently around the rim to find out!Luigi-Bormioli-Elegant-Pilsner-GlassSchott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal

Great tasting pilsner comes from Germany and so does advanced beer glass technology. Who else but German geniuses to add titanium to glass for strength and zirconium for clarity and brilliance, yet without a trace of lead to be found. With 17 ounces of capacity, their sculpted shapes and delicate rims are great for pilsners and many other beers too.










Circleware Quench

These smaller-sized pilsner glasses fit snugly into more hands and onto more tables – You can look forward to holding bigger parties! With tapered elegance and robust clear glass (practical capacity of around 10.5 ounces), they still measure up to the job of controlling pilsner carbonation and maintaining a good head. Stability is a plus point too, with concealed weight in the base that makes them hard to topple.

Circleware-Quench-Pilsner-GlassHome Essentials Giant

We’ve left the biggest till last. In the pilsner glasses above, capacity ranges between around 10 and 22 ounces. The Home Essentials Giant weighs in at over twice the capacity of its nearest competitor, with a huge 53 ounces (a yard of ale is around 50 fluid ounces.) This is a pilsner glass that is truly made for sharing (or not).










With variation in the capacity for the different glasses, pick the size that suits you and then look at the different pilsner glasses on offer. Design and durability may also be criteria for you, so that you’ll see those golden rays of light shining through your pilsner glass for beers to come.

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